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Swimming Pool Chemicals

Vinyl Pool

VINYL POOL products offer excellent value for money, mainly for public pools, spas and strands.

Behind the products are expertise and professionality. Our company offers not only water treatment chemicals and services but solutions. Based on our own manufacturing plant we are able to serve and meet our partner’s individual requirements in a flexible and effective manner with tailor-made logistic.

Among our products you can find Chlorine gas, sodium-hypochlorite and Aquaklór as excellent disinfectants, Aquacarbon for crystal clear, irritation and odor free water in children’s pool. Furthermore you can find pH-control products, like hydrochloride and sulphuric acids, chlorine tablets and lime-scaling liquid.

Our new product Instant Oxi offers an immediate chlorine free pre-oxidation, which makes the water brilliant and irritation-free within 15 minutes.

Our chemicals fit perfectly to every treatment method, considering the particular circumstances, indoor or outdoor use, 365 days a year.

Production is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. As part of our quality assurance our products are monitored regularly by independent, accredited laboratories. This method ensures our customers buy an adequately specificated material.

Our chemicals fullfil the requirements of the related European and Hungarian standads, and have licences issued by the National Public Health Service.


  • Disinfectants

    • For professional users: chlorine gas

    • For liquid chemical dosing users:

      • Sodium- hypochlorite and

      • VINYL POOL Aquaklór

    • For smaller pools: different chlorinetablets

  • pH Controllers – High purity basic chemicals for economy pH controll.

  • Vinyl POOL Antifouling – High efficiency algae inhibitor

  • Vinyl POOL Flocker - Floating particuly free, brilliant water

  • Vinyl POOL Aquacarbon – Crystal clear water, without odor and irritation

  • Vinyl POOL Instant Oxi – Fast, Chlorine free preventive schock oxidiser for a sparkling clear water

  • Vinyl POOL Descaling – Ruthless with the scale, gentle with the sorrunding environment

You can find more information about the products in Hungarian.


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